was born in 1983, completed undergraduate education in Computer Systems Teaching at the Faculty of Technical Education, Suleyman Demirel Univetsity, Turkey, in 2006, graduated from master that the Department of Computer and continues his doctoral education at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Computers at Düzce University. He worked on AIN (Artificial Intellicent Network) and FPGA (Field Programming Gate Arrays) chips in master's thesis. In doctoral thesis, studying Deep learning algorithms, object classification algorithms and their use in financial field. Started career at MEB Computer Teacher between 2007-2009. Continued as a lecturer continues at Düzce University since 2009. Between 2016 and 2018, undertaken administrative duties such as vice director of Vocational School and as director of distance education research center since 2019. He teaches Undergraduate level Algorithms, Data structures and Web Design courses, and Associate level Information Communication Technologies, Algorithm courses.He has been an active stock market investor since 2004.